加拿大房地产协会(Canadian Real Estate Association)本周公布了全国房产最新数据,数据显示卡加利、多伦多和温哥华3大地区的房地产市场仍然火爆,但是其它地区的情况并不这么乐观。 Brookfield…
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Letters: More about FINTRAC

Re: Time to rethink FINTRAC (September REM)
As an established consultant in the anti-money laundering compliance field here in Canada, I have made it a practice to be open to the opinions from professionals working in the various sectors governed by Canada’s money laundering legislation. Since 2000, when the new AML legislation came into force and FINTRAC emerged as the regulatory authority governing the legislation, I have seen all reporting sectors go through a series of stages as they struggle with the new compliance requirements. Real estate officials have been quite vociferous in the first decade of compliance about why these …read more

How to stay out of court

Avi Rosen
Avi Rosen, a 40-year veteran real estate broker and a paralegal who specializes in real estate matters, recently interviewed Toronto real estate lawyer Martin Rumack, who wrote Legal Responsibilities of Real Estate Agents, Third Edition with Rosemary Bocska (LexisNexis Canada). Here’s an edited transcript of their discussion.
Avi Rosen: The work that you do is 60-per-cent real estate related. What are some situations for sales reps that may get them in trouble?
Martin Rumack: I start with accuracy. So let’s talk about an agent taking a listing. Whether it’s a house or a condominium, a commercial property, a farm …read more

JLL adds Leigh AuCoin, Kevin Haverty, Brett Elofson, Matt Kornmuller and Adam Sherriff-Scott

Leigh AuCoin will join the Toronto office of JLL as Canadian director of human resources. AuCoin brings 16 years of experience to JLL, with in-depth knowledge in training and development, organizational development, employee relations, HR program and policies and both national and international functions, the company says.
JLL has also added Kevin Haverty, Brett Elofson, Matt Kornmuller and Adam Sherriff-Scott to its Greater Toronto Area offices. Based out of the downtown Toronto office, Haverty has joined as senior VP and practice lead of the Agency and Project Leasing team. Elofson joins as senior VP and Kornmuller as associate VP of the …read more

百万美景被遮住 华裔豪宅屋主状告邻居

一栋西温豪宅的华裔屋主,目前入禀法院提出民事诉讼,原因是下方邻居的树木过高,遮掩到俯看大温地区的百万美景。 这宗民事诉讼是由华裔民众徐侩(Xu Kuai,音译)与妻子提出,他们拥有位于西温Chippendale路2400号路段的一栋豪宅,目前挂牌出价312万5000元;不过,由于豪宅下方的另一华裔陈姓邻居,多次对修剪树木的要求置之不理,徐姓屋主于是委托律师入禀卑诗高等法庭。…
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温市1/4公寓无人住 豪宅成废弃屋

墙上涂满了涂鸦,门窗上钉着木板,院子里杂草丛生…这好像是美国底特律市的经济困境,然而,这不是在底特律,这是在加拿大的温哥华市,一些价值数百万加元的房子被长期空置后的情景。 近年来温哥华房价突飞猛涨,使其成为全加拿大房价最高的城市,当地的工薪族已经越来越买不起房子,与此同时,富有的外国人和投资商们买下来的大把大把房子却长期空置在那里,根本无人居住。 25%公寓无人住, 百万房产有老鼠…
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满地可银行(Bank of Montreal)一份最新报告指出,在楼市价格飙升下,有43%的潜在买家愿意出付出更多的金钱置业,金额更较他们起初计划置业时的预算多出21%,约83,556元。   满地可银行发表的《秋季置业报告》(Fall Home-Buying…
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统计显示,大温住宅拥有率保持在65%水平,而屋主年龄层分布则出现变化,75岁以上长者拥有住屋比率增加,但增幅最大的竟是15岁到19岁族群,近33%;20到29岁业主也显著增加,而公寓成为市场主流。大温房价高不可攀,据Urban Futures…
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Edmonton wins nine awards at CHBA-Alberta annual gala

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Alberta presented its top prizes for 2014 Friday night, recognizing the best in the province’s residential construction industry. The annual gala, held at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, saw Edmonton pick up honours in nine of the 23 categories, with Calgary taking home 10, central Alberta three and Lethbridge one. Builder of the year — large volume is Calgary’s Albi Homes, while the small-volume builder of the year is Lethbridge’s Ashcroft Master Builder. Homes by Avi went home with the award for multi-family builder of the year for its projects in Calgary and Edmonton. …read more

MREB to host Mayoral Candidates Meeting

The Mississauga Real Estate Board is hosting a Mayoral Candidates Meeting with Bonnie Crombie, Steven Mahoney, Dil Muhammad and Masood Khan answering questions and discussing the merits of their platforms.
MREB president Allan Todd, GRC Chair Garry Klassen, past-president Diane Kalenchuk and moderator John Cassan will ask the candidates to respond to videoed questions from the street and ask about topics such as the municipal land transfer tax, transportation, creating jobs, attracting business and fiscal concerns.

The debate will be held at Mississauga City Hall Council Chambers, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, on Friday, Sept. 26 from 7 pm to 9:30 pm.
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