Check your ego at the door

To make it in real estate, and by “make it” I mean be a success, not just eke out a living, there are two things you need more than anything else: an inflated ego and the ability to keep it under control.
Without the first you would never be able to walk into someone’s home and convince them that you are the absolute best person to represent them on the sale of their home, better than all the other agents out there. For most people selling their home is a roller coaster ride of emotions and you need to gain their …read more

Benefits of adding an arbitration clause

By Lance Soskin
You or your clients are vulnerable without an arbitration clause in your real estate agreements. It could prove disastrous for your deal and devastating for you or your client. Contracts are relatively useless if you cannot enforce them without too much hassle; enforcing them via litigation is often too costly and time-consuming to be practical. This becomes especially apparent when the real estate market takes a turn for the worse.
An “arbitration clause” is simply a short provision in an agreement that requires the parties to the agreement to resolve disputes through private arbitration, rather than litigating them in …read more

Dexter Associates takes Ice Bucket Challenge to a new level

Kevin Skipworth and David Peerless take the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Kevin Skipworth and David Peerless, broker/owners at Dexter Associates Realty in Vancouver, were nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge by Jerry Jackman of Verico Versa Mortgages. Instead of just one bucket each, they invited the sales reps to buy buckets of ice/water to dump on them for $25 each.
“We ended up raising $1,000 to donate to ALS Canada and as a result had many buckets dumped on us,” says Skipworth, adding that it was cold but for a great cause.

The post Dexter Associates takes Ice Bucket Challenge to a new …read more

损财耗运13条家居风水 镜子招邪

在装修时如果掌握不好家居风水,那不知不觉间,本来一帆风顺、财运亨通的大好命运就会发生翻天覆地的的变化,或许是漏财、或许是短命、或许是百病缠身,或许是诸事不顺。这些都不是危言耸听,所以各位买了房准备装修的同志们,一定要注意以下这13条败财风水禁忌,风水大师教你玩转装修禁忌,让你马上有钱! 1、床离玻璃窗太近…
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低利率或维持到2016 有利加国房市

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在加拿大购买独立屋,特别是刚移民第一次购房的客户,对于房屋的朝向究竟该如何选择,经常一头雾水。国内的别墅,毫无疑问,坐北朝南是首选。但加拿大的房子各个朝向都有,该如何选择呢?其实各个朝向各具优缺点,下面就逐一分析。 1. 坐北朝南,即大门朝南,后院朝北:一楼的家庭房Family…
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Giving thanks to our imperfect world

As we express gratitude for the light in our lives this Thanksgiving, perhaps we should also take a page from the Japanese viewpoint that finds joy in imperfection and send a little nod to the beauty within our own flawed corner of the world.
This esthetic ideal is known as wabi-sabi and it dates back centuries, emerging as a reaction to tea ceremonies that had become ridiculously drawn out and ostentatious. Some decided to return these communal get-togethers to their roots as simpler, quieter occasions that employed local materials and artisans.
The Japanese have embraced the attitude of wabi-sabi for years, finding …read more

Sotheby’s to expand under new ownership

President and CEO Ross McCredie says: “Two-thirds of the people who go into real estate won’t make it and most of those brands and brokerages out there know that but they don’t care. We care.” (Photos by Darla Furlani)
By Kelly Putter
When you hear the name Sotheby’s don’t be embarrassed if your mind automatically conjures up images of caviar, luxury automobiles and champagne flutes of free-flowing Dom Perignon.
But that would only represent a small and clichéd side of the Sotheby’s story in Canada. Lifestyles of the rich and famous it is not. Hard work, ingenuity, a high set of standards …read more

Chestnut Park acquires Bayshore Realty

Donna Brookes
Chris Kapches
Chestnut Park Real Estate has acquired Mississauga-based Bayshore Realty. It will be converted to the Chestnut Park brand.
Bayshore Realty is the exclusive Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate for Oakville, Mississauga and Milton. It services the Mississauga and Oakville luxury market, including luxury condominiums and new home developments.
Donna Brookes, president of Bayshore Realty, says the sale and transfer of the Christie’s affiliation means she can now “focus on my true passion – real estate sales.”
Chris Kapches, CEO of Chestnut Park says, “The addition of such a consummate sales professional as Donna Brookes serves to expand our sales presence in …read more

北温社区风貌好 购房也看隐藏价值

大温北岸的另一座城市北温哥华,近两年房价相比较,北温的房价相对平稳,涨幅仅为10% 左右。北温的主要购买力还是当地人为主,华裔居民鲜有定居。专业人士说因此不太涉及新移民带来的投资泡沫,也没有特别显著的成长理由。…
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